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We've really enjoyed our Westcom broadband service!

Their friendly customer service is outstanding and the internet service is superb -- it's always on and very fast!!

Thank you Westcom!!

Need Broadband?

No High-Speed Internet in your Area or Community?

Westcom Can Help!

Affordable High-Speed Internet for Everyone

Westcom offers blazing fast, high-speed wireless internet service to communities and businesses in hard-to-reach areas that typically do not have broadband internet service.

Westcom delivers wireless internet service directly to your home or business. This provides a high-speed, "always-on" connection that offers unlimited use of the internet, and since it's wireless, no phone lines or cable service are needed. Service includes all necessary equipment that is installed by our trained professional installation team.
Bundle & Save!
Get the Westcom Triple-Play High-Speed Internet, Phone and Television and save up to 50% over competing services!

Protect Your PC
Today, more than ever, it is critical to protect your PC from Internet threats such as viruses & spyware.

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